Pulse ElectroMagnetic Therapy
Stem Cell Therapy

Current research shows that using low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) for short durations post stem cell therapy can have positive effects on the process. If you are like me and love to read the published medical papers I highly suggest checking out of research links below. But to sum it up for you it is important to know that you can increase your rate of success and achieve better results with your stem cell procedure if you follow it up with PEMF therapy. And there are a couple of ways that PEMF has been scientifically proven to aid in this process. It helps to increase the replication rate of stem cells, meaning more cells will be produced which results in new tissue being regenerated. What does this mean? Well having more tissue regenerated is kind of the reason to have stem cell therapy in the first place so this is a good thing. PEMF will also help to signal other components in the body that assist the cell replication process. As a result, PEMF can aid in letting the body know where the problem is and how it can go about fixing it.

So now that you have your stem cell procedure booked you know the next step… book your follow up PEMF session so that you can maximize the results of your expensive stem cell procedure. We are excited to work with other health care providers to benefit the health and longevity of our clients. If you are interested in stem cell therapy we can point you to providers and once you have the procedure booked we would love to provide you with the PEMF post care.